Children's Book by Dr. Pam Flint

Roxy is a very special dog with a very important job. Every day, she goes to work with her owner, Pam, who is a counselor at a nearby university. Pam helps the students cope with stress and other difficult emotions, and Roxy’s loving presence helps them feel better, too. She lets the students hug her and pet her soft fur.

However, there is one thing that Roxy loves almost as much as helping people, and that’s playing Frisbee! One day, Roxy thinks of a great plan that will give her more time to play Frisbee: she will hire another animal assistant to help Pam part-time in the office! After putting up flyers for the job, Roxy soon meets an interesting collection of animals who are interested in the job, including a tiny ant named Andy, and a giant elephant named Bella. While she sees something special in each of the animals she interviews, none of them seem perfect for the job. What will Roxy do?

Roxy the Therapy Dog Gets a Helper is a heartwarming book based on a real-life therapy dog, where author and counseling psychologist Dr. Pam Flint brings us a story about friendship and finding purpose. Each of the characters ends up finding meaningful work with each other, building friendships along the way. Children will learn that even when we are disappointed by something, if we remain loving and open to possibility, things can turn out better than we expected.

photo of a child and young adult reading a book with a Labrador retriever by their side
Chad and Gavin recommend the book, Willow just wants to play Frisbee.
Roxy The Therapy Dog Gets a Helper cover