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picture of Dr. Pam Flint
Dr. Pam Flint

Dr. Pam Flint is a licensed counseling psychologist specializing in adult psychotherapy who worked at a university counseling center for over twenty years. In 2002, she started the first Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT) program at the University of North Texas (UNT) Counseling and Testing Center. Since its inception, the Animal Assisted Therapy program has grown and won a university award for providing excellent service to students. She is scheduled to continue part-time therapy work and AAT at UNT’s Frisco campus.

Her first canine coworker was Roxy, followed by Dakota, both of whom were yellow Labrador retrievers. Willow, a chocolate lab, joined the team two years before Flint’s retirement. Roxy the Therapy Dog is her first publication, inspired by her work with Roxy and her belief in the power of an animal’s love to bring about emotional healing.

A certified instructor for QuitSmart, a highly successful smoking cessation program and certified Master Trainer for QPR, a suicide prevention program. Dr. Pam runs a part-time private practice in Frisco, Texas. To found out more about Dr. Pam's private practice, please visit DrPamFlilnt.com

Dr. Pam currently resides in Texas with her husband, Al, a rescue Jack Russell/Chihuahua mix named Zoey, and Willow, who loves to play Frisbee almost as much as Roxy did.